NEW Early Childhood Education Internship Available!

Over the years we have humbly received thanks from parents who watch their children excel in school. We have watched as our pint-sized graduates transform into life-size adults, wearing their caps and gowns proudly as they walk across the stage of their high school. We enjoy the drop in visits from our NCP kids who are now grown up, and starting families of their own.


Since 2004, All Out Africa Foundation has developed Six Neighborhood Care Points (NCP’s). For more than 1,000 kids these NCP’s have set a solid foundation for their education and allowed them to speed past their peers once they reached primary school age, and beyond. It has been an amazing journey to watch and be a part of.


As our NCP’s continue to expand their reach and help even more vulnerable children and families, we need to stop and evaluate our successes and our challenges. This is why this year we are calling for special interns to be a part of our Early Childhood Education Internship.


This internship will help us develop and implement a series of evaluation tools to add to our NCP’s. This will help us gage how we are doing, how our kids are learning, how our teachers are teaching and even beyond, tracking our students throughout their studies. If you want to be a part of our NCP history, as well as the foundation of hundreds of kids education, then we encourage you to apply for this unique opportunity!


For more information download our Early Childhood Education Project Brief here: Early Childhood Education Internship Project Overview


If this looks like an internship that you would like to be a part of, email us at with a little bit more about you along with your CV. We would love to meet you and get started!


Please note that this is internship is a PAID experience, in which participates pay a fee to participate. Fee includes cost of accommodation, 3 meals a day and All Out Africa Staff support from qualified personnel.


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