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Give back to others, see spectacular sights and cultures and have fun on a life changing experience


What type of projects will I be working on?

What you will be doing as a volunteer depends on which project you will be participating in.  At the foundation of all of our projects is community development through early childhood education or conservation through wildlife education.

If you are participating in a community development project you will be working with preschool-aged children living in impoverished areas. Our goal is to combat poverty by offering a solid educational foundation that will help keep kids in school longer, and also give them a safe place to go during the day with a warm meal. Your role may be to assist the teachers, organize and play games with the kids or just be a positive role model for the kids!

If you are participating in one of our conservation projects you will actively be working as a citizen researcher! Working alongside our qualified conservation staff, you will help us help wildlife and collect data that will go towards actual conservation efforts!

For more specific project information feel free to contact us or check out your projects page on our website!

Do I need to have any experience?

Our volunteers come from all kinds of backgrounds and corners of the globe. If you have a special expertise you can offer we love that! But you don’t need any experience to volunteer on our projects.

How long are volunteer days?

For most of our projects, your days will start at 7 am when you will wake up to see the sunshine, jump in a hot shower and get yourself started for the day with breakfast. You will travel to your placement at 8 am to get started on your project. At 1 pm you will head back to the lodge for a joint lunch with the other volunteers. After lunch, you will return to your project, or have the opportunity for additional projects like local language lessons, homework club or cultural outings.

The evenings and weekends are yours to go exploring!

*Some projects times may differ. Check out your projects full itinerary on our website.

Will I be working on the same projects or multiple projects?

Traveling to another country is an awesome experience, so we don’t want to keep you boxed in! We have designed each of our projects to have a few extras built in. For example, if you are working on our building project you will still have an opportunity to participate in our homework club some afternoons.

How many people will I be volunteering with?

Each month we have a variety of volunteers join us from all over the world. In most cases you will be staying at a lodge with shared accommodation with as many as 6-20+ other volunteers, however, these volunteers may be split amongst several different volunteer projects during the day. This is a great opportunity to meet and mix with volunteers who have different interests, but still get to have an intimate project experience!


What is the average age of volunteers?

Each month we have a variety of new volunteers. In some destinations, we have volunteers as young as 16 join us. Other months we have the pleasure of hosting retired volunteers. Sometimes we have amazing families who choose to volunteer as a vacation! We don’t have one majority; our projects are for every age!

What locations do you offer?

We have awesome projects in The Kingdom of eSwatini, Mozambique and South Africa (Cape Town).


How long should I book in advance?

Volunteers are asked to book about 2-3 months in advance of when they want to travel. All Out Africa can accept volunteers as little as 1 month in advance, but there is no guarantee that spots will be available in that short of time.

Can I extend my stay once volunteering?

Yes. Please let us know when in-country if you are interested in extending your trip or adding on any of our adventure tours.

What’s the farthest in advance I can book?

We offer trips up to 1 year in advance. If you are sure you are going to take a trip farther than a year out (such as with a large group), please contact us directly.

How long can I stay?

In most of our destinations (and dependent on your nationality) you can volunteer for 60 consecutive days on a tourist visa. In some cases, you may be able to volunteer longer if you either do a project that includes multiple countries or can apply for an extension. If you are interested in volunteering for more than 3 months contact us directly to talk about your options.


Are your locations safe?

All our locations are safe. We specifically choose our locations due to their safety. Our qualified staff is also here to provide 24/7 support.


Where do I fly into?

In most cases, you will fly into Johannesburg South Africa (OR Tambo International Airport).

If you are volunteering in Cape Town you will transfer to Cape Town International Airport. In some cases, you may be able to fly directly to Cape Town.

If you are volunteering in Mozambique you will transfer to Inhambane Airport. In some cases, you can make this transfer in Maputo instead of Johannesburg. It is important to note that Maputo is approximately 14 hours by road to Tofo beach (Inhambane)- therefore it is best to fly via LAM airlines to Inhambane Airport.

If you are volunteering in Swaziland, Johannesburg will be your final destination and our team will transport you by road to Swaziland (approximately 5-hour journey by road).

No matter what destination you fly into, our official arrival day is the first Monday of the month and we will have our team meet you at the airport and transport you to your accommodation.

How much free time do volunteers have?

Volunteers have plenty of free time. Our goal is to allow people the chance to experience the country they are visiting. Volunteers work Monday through Friday approximately 7 hours a day. (Check out the specific country page because programs can vary.)

Evenings and weekends are free to explore. In most destinations, we offer a range of adventure tours, such as zip lining,  you can participate in too!


How do I get a visa?

Each nationality has different requirements for visas, so make sure you check on your local governments’ travel site for the most up to date information. However, in most cases travel to eSwatini and South Africa you will be able to obtain a 30-day tourist visa at the border. If you are staying for longer periods our staff will help you with an extension in the country.

For volunteers in Mozambique, we will provide you with a letter of invitation to obtain your visa. We recommend that you work on getting your visa before your arrival by either visiting or mailing your passport to a local Mozambican embassy. You can also typically get a visa at the border, however, it’s always best to be prepared beforehand if possible!

Do I need any specific vaccinations?

Our destinations do not require any specific vaccination to travel to them. However its always a good idea to see your primary healthcare provider and let them know that you will be traveling to southern Africa. They may want to make sure all of your vaccinations are up to date.

Mozambique is a malaria zone, and anti-malarial medication is recommended. When you visit your physician talk about what options are best for you. Keep in mind if you are diving there are certain medications that are not recommended for scuba diving.

Do I need travel insurance?

No. Our volunteer projects do not require travel insurance, however, accidents happen. It is strongly recommended that all volunteers look into a travel insurance of their choosing.


Where will I be staying?

Accommodation varies depending on the destination. In South Africa and eSwatini volunteers will stay at award-winning backpackers accommodations. You will be accommodated in a dorm room with bunk beds with communal bathroom facilities. Bed, mattress, sheet, and pillows will be provided, but note if you plan to go on tours on home stays during your time in Swaziland then a sleeping bag may be required. The lodge has a large deck area, outdoor pool, TV lounge, WIFI*, and a communal kitchen to prepare meals.

In Mozambique, volunteers will share a 2 or 3 bedroom chalet, with rooms that sleep 2 volunteers each. The lodge restaurant will provide all meals.

In all locations, private rooms are available at an additional fee. Homestays are also available if you would like to stay with a local family instead of at a lodge (even for a partial duration of your experience). Please contact us directly if you would like a quote.

If I’m traveling with someone, can we be placed together?

Of course! When signing up, please tell us the name of the person who you are volunteering with and we will place you two in the same dorm or offer you private accommodation (at an additional fee).

Can I request a private room?

Yes! If you prefer a little privacy we can offer a private room at any of our destinations. This option is an extra, so just let us know when you are booking so we can give you a quote.

What types of food will we eat?

Volunteers, interns, and students receive 3 meals a day when joining an All Out Africa experience.  Breakfast is self-service from a selection of items including cereals, bread, fruit, yogurt, eggs, and spreads. Lunch too is self-service from items such as bread, ham, cheese, salad, and fruits. Dinner is a cooked meal which clients may assist with cooking on a rotational basis. Types of dishes served include pasta, stir-fry, braai (BBQ) and stew.

What if I’m a vegetarian or have a food allergy?

Vegetarians and most food allergies can be catered for. In order to fully support you during your experience, please advise us at time of booking if you have any food allergies or preferences, so we can cater for these in our meal plans. We will do our best but be prepared your food selection may not be as varied as other participants. If your food allergies/preference are quite restrictive, we may require you to pay an additional fee to allow us to cater for you.

Will I have access to wifi?

Almost all of our destinations have wifi access. Wifi access in developing countries is usually not as quick as you are probably used to though!

In some cases, volunteers choose to buy a local SIM card and buy data bundles. This is typically a bit faster than the shared wifi at the lodge. If you would like to go this route make sure your smartphone is unlocked before you arrive in-country.


Why does it cost money to volunteer?

The reason it costs money to volunteer is to cover your housing, food, airport pickup, and in-country support. Also, part of the trip costs go towards materials for the project sites and supporting our local communities.

What is included in my costs?

Housing, 3 meals per day, airport pickup, orientation, in-country support, as well as a donation towards our Foundation. 

What is not included in my costs?

Flight, travel insurance, background check, and any spending money for souvenirs or excursions. 

Can I raise money for my trip?

Yes. If you would like to create a crowdfunding page or need more information to share with your friends and family, contact us!

Can I donate to All Out Africa?

Yes. All Out Africa Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization which means your donation is tax deductible. To donate to our Foundation, please email info@alloutafrica.org


Do you offer group trips?

Of course! Contact us for a custom group quote!

How many people can you accommodate?

We can accommodate groups from 4 to 30 people (dependent on destination and advanced booking). 

Where do you offer group trips?

We offer group trips to all our locations. 

Can you plan excursions or weekend trips too?

Yes, when you book a group trip with us, we will work with you to make fully customized trips. We have options for different excursions and transportation options.

How much do group trips costs?

Group trips can vary based on several factors (number of people, excursions, transportation, etc.) Contact us directly and we can put together a quote.

What do group trips include?

As a base, group trips will include airport pickup, accommodations for the duration of your trip, and 3 meals a day. Our group trips are completely customizable and we can arrange different types of accommodation, transportation, excursions, and activities.

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