Conduct research in our well equiped centres being supported by our experienced scientists





4-12 Weeks
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Shared Tents
3 meals per day
First Monday of the Month

Flights are not included in the cost.

Conduct ecological research relevant to Savannah Ecosystems throughout southern Africa. Join us and assist with research on bats, birds, reptiles, ungulates, rodents, small predators, vegetation and a variety of other wildlife in Swaziland conservation areas. As a student on this project you will get to experience a hands-on wildlife field research program. All Out Africa runs this project and the field research is in partnership with Swaziland’s game reserves and national parks, namely Hlane Royal National Park, Mlawula Nature Reserve and Mbuluzi Game Reserve, which make up an area of over 40,000 hectares.

Although savannahs are well represented in African conservation areas, they are subjected to increasing degradation as a result of human influences through land utilization and climate change. Well known for large charismatic game such as elephants, rhinos and lions, there are a variety of smaller species that are threatened and equally important to the natural functioning of the savannah ecosystem.

Although this project involves being based in areas containing big game, your field research activities will be focused on birds, bats, ungulates, vegetation and reptiles. By better understanding these species and fauna, we can effectively manage and conserve them and the ecosystem in which they are found.

You will gain hands-on research experience that may include:

  • Setting traps and handling of wildlife in a safe and humane manner
  • Monitoring activities that locate and monitor various species of wildlife
  • Fitting radio-transmitters to track the animals to determine their home range, distribution and movements Recording habitat and environmental variables
  • Vegetation surveys
  • Photo identification of species and GPS location
  • Weighing, measuring, tagging and banding young birds or small mammals

Being based at our African Savannah Research Centre in Mbuluzi Game Reserve, you are sure to enjoy game drives and guided walks in a scenic setting while contributing to important conservation projects.


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