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Top 10 Ways That Studying Abroad Transforms Your Resume

How to communicate your overseas experience to employers. Moving my entire life to South Carolina last August, I knew that there was an unpredictable, unfamiliar and exciting journey ahead. Having returned home to Leeds, England, a year later, I’ve been able to see just how much that exposure to unfamiliarity has made me a stronger […]

Science Is Awesome

A day in the life of World Challenge 2018 – Tofo, Mozambique: Science on land – Beach plastic analysis (and clean up) There are very few places in the world that plastic does not affect negatively. Along the shores of Tofo and Tofino (a nearby beach) students go out and collect plastics off the beach […]

Goodfella’s Doing Good.

Our mission at All Out Africa is to alleviate poverty through providing early childhood education to vulnerable and orphaned children in the Kingdom of Eswatini. This is a big task, and there are many factors that contribute to our challenges and successes. One such challenge is the availability of food and general nutrition that our […]

Turtle Nesting & Micro Plastics in Mozambique

Here in Mozambique, we at All Out Africa Marine Research Centre (AOA MRC) sampled the area of Tofo Beach most known for sightings of nesting turtles in early December 2018.  We sampled the sand on the shore line and nesting line with a view to understanding more the amount of micro plastics washing up in this […]

Dear Aspiring Overseas Volunteer

Before you pack your bags, there are a few things I need you to know.   Dear Aspiring Overseas Volunteer, Before you pack your bags, there are a few things I want you to know. Things I wish somebody would’ve told me before I started volunteering overseas. When I first signed up as an intern […]

5 Phases for Working With Indigenous Communities

There are many misunderstandings and unintentional mishaps that arise between international development workers and local communities. At times, the divide between the project developers (often multinational organizations) and the beneficiaries is so wide there aren’t any long-term benefits for the local communities. When ideas and concepts are out of touch with realities on the ground, […]

113 Reasons to be Grateful!

I sit in the shade of a mango tree with Mr. Tsabedze and Mr. Twala (representatives from the community traditional leadership) to my left and Tjengisa (Manager of Social Projects at All Out Africa) to my right. Before us, an assembly of 4-6-year-old kids, dressed in their best frocks, singing and dancing with varying degrees of […]

All Out Africa’s youth Soccer League Finals 2019

As I made my way to OlymApfrica centre on a cloudy Saturday to watch the under 13s and 15s All Out Africa Football League finals, I was concerned that we would have to cut the games short due to rain. I realized when I arrived at the field that rain, sleet, snow, or tornado will […]