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Meet The Volunteers- Amy Simon

Where are you from? I am from The Netherlands, I live near Amsterdam What project did you sign up for? Kruger to coast (4 weeks) What do you do for a living? I am currently on a gap year and I want to study Tourism 😊 What does volunteering mean to you? That is such […]

Meet The Volunteers- Lisa Roesch

Where are you from? Germany What project did you sign up for? Childcare, Wavecrest Educare and Ikhaya le Themba What do you do for a living? Working in a little shop (sells tea/coffee), I want to study when I’m back home What does volunteering mean to you? It means to help people in their work […]

Trip for a trip with the NCP children

The utmost purpose of an adventure is to experience and learn new things with the hope of enhancing your knowledge. Trip For A Trip has been more than an adventure for these unprivileged children from Neighborhood Care Points (NCPs) informal preschools which are supported by All Out Africa. These children have learned a lot from […]

All About Stingrays

  Stingrays have had a bad reputation; Steve Irwin’s fateful interaction and the menacing barb on their tail does not comply with their docile, relatively quiet existence. It is actually the last resort for a stingray to use its barb, they would much prefer to take flight than fight. Stingrays (in their current form) have […]

Ecosystem Services

“Ecosystem services” is a fancy word for the benefits people get from nature. These benefits are often overlooked because they have always been there and are a part of everyday life. Clean air for example, or clean water, or insects that pollinate our crops. Usually, we take these for granted until they are suddenly no […]