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Lifeguard Project – Nhatofo Salva Vidas

All Out Africa has programs throughout Southern Africa that promote education, health and improving the general well being of the communities we work in. Sometimes we just can’t reach everyone- but luckily we have an amazing staff that takes it upon themselves to fill the gaps. That is very much what has happened in Mozambique, […]

International University Field Courses welcome Mozambican Students at AOA MRC

All Out Africa (AOA) Marine Research Centre (MRC) is busy every northern hemisphere summer/southern hemisphere winter season running several international university field courses in marine biology and marine field techniques.  Students come from the USA and Canada bringing with them professors from their own universities, to learn in our Tofo-based offices and work with our […]

Lessons Learned – Nutrition Intern

If you were to tell me one year ago that I would be partaking in an independent nutrition internship in the Kingdom of eSwatini for five weeks this summer, I would have clearly not believed you. To be fair, though, even the country went by a different name then. The future truly is unpredictable. This […]

Early Childhood Development – A Curriculum Story

This is the story of six Neighbourhood Care Points (NCPs) in the Ezulwini Valley in Swaziland. NCPs were first started by UNICEF to provide support and care for children whose families were struggling with poverty and the effects of the HIV/AIDs epidemic. Their over-riding aim is to provide vulnerable children and orphans with the care […]

Sharks aren’t scary. We are.

By and large, most people around the globe prefer whales to sharks. There’s a shared distaste, otherwise known as fear, of the shark as a prime apex predator and ocean killer. Comically, one of the most beloved whale and dolphin breeds, the killer whale, has the murderous adjective as part of its name, a blockbuster […]

Why Hike?

A question most people have grown to like is: “Why hike when I can just drive there?” My Name is Ayandza Bongani Mohale. I happen to be a hiking guide based is Swaziland (in the Highveld). Whiles hiking I fell in love with one place, in particular, a nature reserve called Malolotja also based in […]