Whether you are looking to gain experience to add to your CV, need to fulfill University requirements or just have experience to contribute, we like to make our internships as beneficial for each intern as possible


All Out Africa has been fantastic and the team here are absolutely brilliant - I will definately be returning to the lodge.Danni Berry


A life changing, humbling experience.Jonathan Whitaker


4-12 Weeks
Starting at $1692
Shared Dorms
3 meals per day
First Monday of the Month

Flights are not included in the cost.


The Kingdom of Swaziland has the world’s highest HIV/ AIDS prevalence rates, with approximately 31% of the population being infected. In 2010 it was estimated that there was close to 200 000 orphaned children in the Kingdom due to HIV/AIDS. Many more children are now without a parent and live with extended family that already has stretched resources. Unemployment is high, approximately 39% of Swazi’s are without a job, which rises considerably to 53% among youth. About 66% of the population is unable to meet basic food needs, while 43% live in chronic poverty. Children are particularly vulnerable and often are in desperate need of help and support. You have the valuable opportunity to assist, motivate and encourage the educational development of the preschool children who attend our Neighborhood Care Points (NCP’s).

Whether you are looking to gain experience to add to your CV, need to fulfill University requirements or just have experience to contribute, we like to make our internships as beneficial for each intern as possible. That’s why we want to know in advance if you have a special interests, expertise or goals to achieve whilst your completing your internship with us.


During your stay you will be accommodated in an award winning Lidwala Lodge in Ezulwini Valley (Swaziland). Three meals a day will also be provided, some on a self- serve basis and others cooked for you.


Arrival day for this project is the 1st Monday of the month throughout the year, with the exception of December & January when the project is closed. (Please ensure that your ight arrives BEFORE 1:00 pm)


An intern, although also not being paid, is different from a Gap-year volunteer as they are expected to bring some knowledge and/or experience in the area they are working in. There are fewer internship posts available so competition for these is higher. Interns will be working at a more career focused strategic level and developing local capacity to work effectively and with meaning, as well as gaining valuable hands-on, practical experience during their placement. Interns are also expected to take on more responsibility and to create their own goals and seek activities to be involved in or lead. They will also have a mentor assigned to them to guide them during the internship.

Upon arrival, our team will assist our interns with getting started, meeting their partners if they are off campus, and advising them on next steps. Our interns, then have the exibility to create their own schedule with their partners, and together create a plan of action of goals to achieve whilst working together. For this reason, it is important that the word “partner” remain key throughout the experience. Our interns have a world of expertise to offer, however all goals should be created together with the in-country partner so the outcomes are sustainable even after the intern returns home. We do not expect our interns to take on a job position, but rather take on the role of advisor; offering advice, suggestions and assistance in creating strategies that will make long term impacts.

The focus of the Early Childhood Development Internship will be to work in collaboration with our 6 Neighborhood Care Points (NCP’s), which operate in rural areas of Swaziland and cater to vulnerable and orphaned children. These NCP’s were set up by the All Out Africa Foundation, in and effort to keep children stay in school longer, do better in school and hopefully in uence their lives as adults. This internship would assist the NCP and Sponsorship Coordinator to implement, monitor and evaluate the Schedule of Works for the 6 supports NCP’s. Also to assist the Coordinator to ensure that the NCP’s roll out of the Schedule of Works is successful and give support to implement changes where needed.

Some of the activities you may get involved in may include:

  • Assist in conducting surveys and evaluations to inform programing which may include Development/implementation of an evaluation tool (for teachers, students, overall NCP, new students and exit of all graduates)
  • Development of an evaluation tool that will allow us to track students into their primary education
  • Facilitate signing of evaluation consent forms by parents
  • Support the NCP Coordinator in conducting basic data analysis
  • Prepare periodic evaluation reports for AOA Swazi of ce

* Please note that the activities listed above are based on availability and may vary by season. These are samples of activities that are interns are likely to participate in.


7:00 Wake up and have your breakfast on the deck!

7:30 Travel to your placement and get ready to begin your day

8:00 Participate in your chosen project

12:30 Time to either return to the Backpackers for lunch or to eat the packed lunch you made that morning!

14:00 Begin your afternoon’s work with a full stomach and enthusiasm

16:00 Return back to your accommodation and share your day’s adventures with other interns, maybe even a quick swim in the sea!

18:30 Enjoy a delicious evening meal and relax……


Day 1 Fly into OR Tambo Airport, Johannesburg (for Swaziland placements) OR Cape Town International Airport (for Cape Town placements) where you will be met by All Out Africa staff members who will transfer you by road to your accommodation.

Day 2 The second day begins with an informative presentation that will brief you on all you need to know about the culture and country, how to effectively contribute during your intern experience.

Day 3 Day three will involve meeting the project and people you will be working with. All Out Africa staff will escort you to your placement to for a smooth start to the process and to help you settle in. The outcomes of the internship should also be discussed and agreed on this day, so you feel clear and focused about your placement.

Day 4 After your rst partner meeting, it will be up to you to plan your week! Find out which days are best to meet with your partner, and which are best for you to work in the of ce to do some planning or research. Sometimes it may also be helpful to do some eld research in the area.

Weekends are free for you to relax or to see more of the scenery and activities!

Airport transfer is included and facilitated by All Out Africa if on the designated departure day.

  • Comprehensive 24 hour, 7 day a week support from All Out Africa
  • Intern projects speci cally designed to enable you to make an active contribution during your stay
  • Support of intern project coordinators who are experts in their elds which ensures the intern experience is valuable
  • Comprehensive orientation to the country, its culture and your role as a intern upon arrival
  • All food and accommodation throughout your stay


By signing up with us you are donating your time and skills to work directly with communities in need through a structured project. There are many bene ts of interning through an organization like ours. Sometimes it is hard to nd projects to support in a foreign country that are safe, worthwhile, and reputable. When you sign-up for one of our projects for 2 or 12 weeks, you become part of a bigger, sustainable plan that our team of quali ed staff have carefully crafted. You will also receive travel and visa support, orientation, a safe place to stay, logistical support, in addition to clear expectations of the work you will do. This is why we charge a fee for interning or interning abroad.

Your project fee goes towards a company you can trust, an experience that is worthwhile and an opportunity that will make a positive and sustainable impact on the community you have chosen to serve.


✘ Local transport fares to your project or partner

Note: Interns may travel more frequently and further distances to meet with their partners. If this is a concern, please let your agent know in advance so special arrangements can be made.

✘ Medical/Travel Insurance

✘ All flights & Visas


Download this project brief for more information! AOA_PB_INTERN_Early childhood development

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