Conduct research in our well equiped centres being supported by our experienced scientists




Swaziland OR Mozambique
2-12 Weeks
Starting at $1,857 US Dollars
Shared Dorms
3 meals per day
First Monday of the Month

Flights are not included in the cost.

All Out Africa runs two Research Centres and has qualified and experienced staff who will support you throughout your stay. Our packages can include an orientation to the centre upon arrival, food, accommodation, use of equipment and vehicles and project support.


Benefits of travel and working abroad for your career: 

• Dealing with challenging and unexpected situations and being out of your comfort zone can develop a higher level of confidence and focus, believing in yourself and meeting your goals
• These situations also improve your creativity and flexibility, thinking on your feet, finding new ways of doing things, improvising and solving problems
• The time away from home gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself, know who you are and what you want 
• There are opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning to help consolidate your knowledge and put your skills into practice 
• It can be a trial to explore career options before beginning down a path 
• For younger participants it can help give you a sense of independence and you learn the skills of living alone
• Interacting with different people from different cultures, religions and who speak different languages – you develop ways to connect with people from different backgrounds and enhance your communication 
• Broadening your horizons can give you different perspectives to approach your working life and tasks as well as give you an understanding of different cultures and their impact on our beliefs and behaviours
• You will also gain a deeper understanding of cultures and global issues, and start to gain a network of international contacts
• It can be an advantage on your CV if you emphasise the transferrable skills you have learnt – such as communication, planning, flexibility and adaptability, problem-solving etc
• Some studies have found that those who work or study abroad typically earn up to 10% more in the years ahead compared to those who stayed at home – so it can be seen as a long-term investment!

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