Volunteer and do something amazing! Help on an important social or conservation project whilst experiencing new cultures or wildlife up close and personal

Be more than a tourist and holiday with purpose by joining a volunteer experience with All Out Africa! Help people and wildlife in need by volunteering your time to assist on one of our long-term projects; let us organize an all-inclusive package including support, tours accommodation, food and transport so you can make the most of your available time.

This is an opportunity to experience genuine and sustainable community development or conservation practice, understand a new culture and environment, make new friends, see spectacular sights and wildlife all whilst making a difference in the world and having fun in the process!

To help with your selection you can browse our opportunities by type of volunteer experience or by the destination to volunteer in. Alternatively if you’re an experienced or older volunteer, traveling as a family, couple or group then find out more about how we can custom an experience for you!

What kind of volunteer project are you looking for?

Work with vulnerable children in orphanages, classrooms or on the sports field.

Contribute to important research, while gaining valuable field experience.

Build lasting impressions in local communities, by working together to create sustainable futures.

Can’t decide where to go?  Explore Southern Africa by volunteering with one of our combination packages.

Where would you like to go?

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Kingdom of Swaziland.

Experience the rainbow nation in the city that made history, Cape Town, South Africa.

Take a walk down palm fringed beaches, or a swim into the great blue depths of the ocean.

Delve into the Okavango Delta, where the spotting big game is a daily encounter.

Who are you traveling with?

Have a special skill you would like to share with others? Bring your experience to the table.

Volunteers come in all ages and sizes. These programs are perfect for quality family time and to help others.

Need an adventure in your relationship? Volunteer together!

The greater the number, the greater impact we can make together. Clubs, Church groups, or just friends are welcome to join us together!

Want to learn more about Volunteering?

What it means to volunteer.

Why All Out Africa is your best choice.

What we promise to provide you with.

Covering the costs of your trip.

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