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Maputo, MZ (Komatipoort or Swaziland departure)
Day Trip
Rates vary by departure & group size
Not included
Dates may vary by month
(Komatipoort or Swaziland departure)

This tour covers the most iconic landmarks of Maputo in just one day. Visit the Samora Machel statue located on the Tunduro Gardens beside the famous Iron House. Travel to Maputo Central Station near the Worker’s Square and enjoy a stop at Maputo’s Natural History Museum. Explore the various crafts markets and take a stroll on Costa Do Sol beach. To end off, be treated to a lovely fresh fish feast at Maputo’s fish market. Maputo is an incredible city with many challenges but an infectious vibrance and an alluring and exciting afro-latino cultural mix which is so different to its neighboring cities and countries.

After a devastating civil war that lasted almost 30 years, Mozambique has emerged as a peaceful democratic country transformed by heroic wartime leaders. The tour begins by travelling to Mozambique’s capital city, Maputo, where you have the chance to discover and explore many of Mozambique’s iconic landmarks. The statue of Mozambique’s first president, Samora Moisés Machel, which is located on the lush Tuduro Gardens, is first on the list. Visit the Casa Do Ferro (Iron House) – built in 1892 by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel with the intention of accommodating the Governor at the time. However, because it is made entirely of Iron and because of Mozambique’s high temperatures no one has ever inhabited it. An eye-catching central dome and marble pillars leads to the next stop, again one of Eiffel’s works of art – The Maputo Central Station. Take in the view of the Praça Dos trabalhadores (Worker’s Square) which is located across the Maputo Central Station. Travel along scenic garden routes to your next destination, the Maputo Natural Historic Museum where you will have the opportunity to learn about the natural history of Maputo as well as get the chance to view figures of various animals in action throughout the museum. Explore the various crafts markets while taking a stroll through Maputo’s palm dotted Costa Do Sol beach, ending off the tour with the finest fresh fish feast in Maputo’s fish market.


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What’s included?

  • All transport to and from Maputo and within the city
  • Visits to iconic landmarks (Samora Machel statue, Iron House, Maputo Central Station, Natural History Museum, Costa Do Sol beach
  • Experienced guide (no entry fees are included)
  • Guides meals are included


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