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Malolotja Nature Reserve, SD
1 OR 2 Days
Starting at R1790
Wooden Bungalows
3 meals per day
Dates may vary by month

Flights are not included in the cost.


This tour has a bit of everything and covers the best and most beautiful parts of Swaziland. Visit Sibebe Rock, the kingdoms most iconic landmark and Maguga its largest dam. Then sleep the night at arguably the most beautiful part of the country, Malolotja Nature Reserve, which is the setting for the highlight of the trip, the exhilarating Zip-line Canopy Tour! 10 cables and 11 platforms will take you whizzing through a beautiful gorge from tree top to cliff edge experiencing mountain scenery like never before.

The north western mountains of Swaziland are what most people consider to be the most beautiful area of the country. Wide open grasslands and rolling mountains dotted with rural homesteads and cattle herds gives the feel and experience of “typical” Swaziland. This tour begins in Ezulwini and passes the capital Mbabane before descending into Pine Valley where you’ll have a chance to see Sibebe Rock which is the second largest exposed rock in the world. From there the tour takes a gravel road deep into the rural hills before a gentle meander down the famous Komati Valley where you’ll have a quick tour of Maguga Dam. You’ll then head west for the impressive mountain ranges of Malolotja Nature Reserve which is one of Swaziland’s true wilderness areas. The reserve offers good game viewing and incredible views into breathtaking mountain scenery. In Malolotja you’ll be accommodated in comfortable wooden bungalows and you’ll be served a delicious traditional Swazi braai for dinner. The following morning it’s time for Zip-lining! You will be given a full safety briefing and all the gear you need before jumping into an open game viewing vehicle which will transport you to the start point. A short walk takes you to the first of 10 cables which range between 10 and 130 meters in length. You’ll have a short practice run on the first cable and then it’s onto the main cables which zip you at fantastic speeds over an incredibly beautiful gorge providing the perfect mixture of fun and adrenalin. The whole way you are attached to safety cables and you have specially trained guides making sure you are safe and in professional care. Zip- lining offers an incredibly unique and exciting way of exploring places you’d usually never see like the tops of tall trees, cliff edges and hidden gorges. This trip is likely to be the highlight of anyone’s trip to Swaziland!


In Malolotja you’ll be accommodated in comfortable wooden bungalows and you’ll be served a delicious traditional Swazi braai for dinner.


Day 1: Tour departs from Lidwala Lodge in Ezulwini, Swaziland at 13:00.

Arrive Malolotja at 15:30.

Day 2: Breakfast at 07:30 before Canopy Tour at 10:00.
Return to Ezulwini at 16:00 on day 2.

What’s included?

  • Zip-line Canopy Tour
  • Accommodation
  • Entry at Malolotja
  • 3 meals
  • Experienced guides
  • Visit to Sibebe Rock
  • Maguga Dam
  • Ngwenya Glass Factory

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