A photo showing a JorunnaJen

A devastating time for our decade-long database.

At the All Out Africa Marine Research Centre we have, like everyone…
All Out Africa TeamRobs Roques

COVID-19 and Tourism in Southern Africa 

COVID-19 and tourism in southern Africa are intricately linked.…

End of Year Christmas Party For Our NCP Children

As a child I always cherished the December holidays, especially…

Independent Researcher – Calling for Participants

All Out Africa is well known in the industry for its research,…

World Challenge in Mozambique

Tower Build was a very positive experience for the World Challenge…

My first experience with research volunteers.

Having just started with All Out Africa managing research volunteers,…

The Journey to a Masters Degree

After diving for the first time in 2012, my whole future pivoted…

Master Student Guest – Jenny K.

This month we have had the pleasure of hosting a few master's…

Lifeguard Project – Nhatofo Salva Vidas

All Out Africa has programs throughout Southern Africa that promote…