World Challenge in Mozambique

Tower Build was a very positive experience for the World Challenge Team and the Tofo community. We started off the project with a community tour of the two local schools, Tofo Surf Club and Gutsakisana. The WC kids really enjoyed being involved with the schools, playing games and learning about the local children and what the local schools have to offer the kids in the community.

The main project the World Challenge kids were involved in was helping in the building of the lifeguard tower. The positive feedback from the kids about their experience was that the Tower is going to be a great asset to the lifeguards and the community, and they were all very happy to be a part of building it.

Overall the experience was positive, and the kids felt as if they learned a lot about themselves, their capabilities and about the Tofo community. They enjoyed the interaction with the local kids and seeing the final product of the fence for the tower.  Above all, they had a good time filled with laughter and smiles, and they even had some advice to help improve the Tofo community.

A big thanks to World Challenge from NhaTofo Salva Vidas (Tofo’s Lifeguard Association).

Written by Jordyn Du Bois, All Out Africa Marine Research Centre Build Coordinator for Mozambique World Challenge Build 2019. 

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