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Over 200 children have benefitted from our Homework Club. Since it was established in 2015, this study group has been an afternoon activity dedicated to our former NCP children who are in primary school. The main aim of this activity is to improve or strengthen their English, Mathematics and a bit of Science skills. With the help of volunteers and All Out Africa staff members, we are receiving positive feedback from school teachers that the children at the homework are producing outstanding results.

We have received a gratitude letter from Banele Dube, a former NCP graduate, homework club member and this year he started his High school.

“I am writing this letter to inform you how the homework club has helped me over the past 3 years. If the club had not been there, I would have not improved in my Mathematics, English and Science subjects. Mathematics, Science and English are favourite subjects. I did well and got result A to all the three subjects. If I didn’t joined or given the opportunity to be in the club, I would have not done well. Beside reading and doing homework, we are also taught the importance of respect for elders and respect for the environment.

The volunteers always give us their quality time helping us and I honestly appreciate that. The fun and games we have played together had helped us in being healthy mentally. For all the three years being a club member, you guys have  had amazing and cool.

Wishing other the other homework club members a success”.

Written by Banele Dube

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