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Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

It is no small decision to travel hundreds of thousands of miles across the globe for an adventure. If you are considering a volunteer experience, we understand you have tons of questions before you make the leap, that’s why our team is standing by to answer them! To get you started, here are our top 5 most asked questions!   […]

Dear Nutrition Intern….

As an All Out Africa Intern, part of your duties when your time with us comes to an end, is to write a letter to the intern that follows you. This is typically a brief explanation of where you left off, things to keep an eye on in the future, and any bits of personal […]

How to find the perfect volunteer adventure!

Type “volunteer abroad” into google, and a million results pop up. How do you decide with so many different options to choose from? People volunteer abroad for so many different reasons, as a compulsory internship for school, or as a gap year from school all together. Some want to break out of their cubical, or […]


One of the projects at the Savanna Research Center (SRC), located on north eastern Swaziland, is the long-term monitoring of the biodiversity of the region. Winter and summer surveys were carried out, comprising 540 min of bird surveys; 1080 Sherman traps to survey small mammals such as mice, rats and shrews; 60 motion triggered cameras […]

World Challenge & AOA

I remember my last years of high school….a frustrating feeling of almost-control; standing on the precipice of owning my life but not quite knowing how to jump off….on the one hand sure I could fly and on the other not quite sure I wouldn’t just plummet and crash.  So many almost-options, so many almost-chances, so many hesitations […]

NEW Business Development Internship!

College is a time for figuring out what you want to be when you grow up. As a marketing or business student, you find yourself looking forward to suits, shined shoes and a cubical to call your own. You aim for big clients on the Fortune 500 list, and work with a team of people […]

7 Reasons NOW is the Time to Travel

Everyone wishes they could be the type of person to get out of the office and get caught up in the adventure of wanderlust. But there is always something coming up at work, a new semester starting at work, or maybe the funds are just too tight. We say “maybe one day”, and go on […]


Being a teacher means a lot of wonderful things to me. I can proof that you don’t need to have a degree or any formal training to be a good teacher but with passion and peservierence you can be the greatest teacher ever. Teacher Zodwa is a volunteer teacher with no formal training, she has been at the NCP (Neighbourhood care […]

Synchronized East African Whale Watch Day!

Every year All Out Africa marine scientists join other researchers all along the East African coast in a coordinated dawn-to-dusk whale watch.  For one day of the year we all record at the same times and in the same way to give a giant comparable view of the humpback whale migration. This year the 5th of August […]

Challenge Yourself by Challenging Others

Swaziland –  the country of the mighty mountains, giant giraffes, and Swazi smiles – was new to all of us. In the heart of Southern Africa, many people suffer on a daily basis, but few stand still. They seek a brighter future, a prosperous future for their kids, family, community, and country. Yet they are so […]