NEW Micro Finance Internship Available!

We have an exciting new internship opportunity in Swaziland! The Micro Finance Pilot & Development project in Swaziland works in collaboration with the All Out Africa Foundation. It aims to provide community based individuals who currently volunteer on our projects for little or no incentive, a chance to be awarded a small loan. Over time and with a bit of guidance from interns throughout the year, these new business entrepreneurs will reimburse these loans.


There are many community members we work with who are seeking a way to empower themselves. We are targeting these people, and want to provide them and their great ideas with help, funding, and training to give them the skills they need to succeed. This will enable them to secure a sustainable future for themselves through small-scale entrepreneurship. We hope this kind of initiative will create a ripple of change, that will stem from the entrepreneur and spread through their families and communities as a source of inspiration.


In July of this year (2018) we will complete our first loan cycle. We have a lot to learn from this initial loan reimbursement, and we need to develop a plan for future loans based on this pilot so our future entrepreneurs are getting the best support from our Foundation to find success.


If you have an interest in Micro-Finance or Marketing for small businesses, we are looking for people like you to help us kick start this project! If you are interested, please email, tell us a little bit about yourself and include your CV.


We can’t wait to change the world with you!

For more information about this internship download the project brief here! Micro Finance Pilot & Development Project Brief


Please note that this is internship is a PAID experience, in which participates pay a fee to participate. Fee includes cost of accommodation, 3 meals a day and All Out Africa Staff support from qualified personnel.

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