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No place like “home”…

Five weeks. I remember thinking before I left home that five weeks was too long to be away in Swaziland. Away from family, friends, the big city, and all I already knew and was comfortable with. After landing in Johannesburg, I was even jealous of those volunteers who were only staying here for three or […]

Wonderful – Perfectly describes my internship!

While lying in bed and thinking about writing this blog, I thought about the word wonderful. This word perfectly describes my internship and stay in Swaziland the past five weeks.   Wonderful internship. During my internship, I developed the business & development program for future interns for All Out Africa. I had a lot of […]

An Altered Perspective – Nutrition Intern

When I had started my internship with All Out Africa I was ridiculously nervous about what the people I would be working with would be like. I was nervous about navigating my way through OR Tambo and public transport, what the food was going to be like, and if I would have enough to do […]

World Oceans Day!

It was a bright shiny start on WOD 2017 on Tofo Beach.  Working in collaboration with lots of fantastic residents, schools and visiting volunteers here, we had expected just over 300 children to the celebrations but quickly realised that almost 400 children had arrived with their participating schools!!  The day was busy, hectic, noisy but above all […]

A Nutritional intern experience!

Amazing. Just simply amazing. This was the phrase that I have said countless times when my family and friends asked me about my trip to Swaziland. I had been searching for a long time for a Nutrition internship programme that I felt would help me gain the right experience to help me start my career in Public Health after completing my Masters in Public Health […]

Impact Report | Quarter 1, 2017

All Out Africa mission is to provide “Adventures that change lives.” In every project we undertake, in every destination we work in, we strive to do just that! If you want to find out how we have changed lives so far in 2017, take a look at our Impact Report for this quarter (Jan- Mar […]

Mozambique Intern Adventure!

Howdy!My name is Latoosa and I’m from the great state of Texas. While browsing around for a new job I stumbled upon an advertisement to come do and Volunteer/Internship program with Whale Sharks and other Megafauna down in Mozambique. This sounded like an amazing opportunity that I couldn’t pass up, so licitly split I applied, […]