Meet The Team – Tiphiwe

At All Out Africa, there are many things that set us apart. One of them is our fantastic team! That’s why we decided it was time to sit down with our staff and have them answer a few fun questions about why they love what they do!

Today we are highlighting Tiphiwe, our Bookings & Finance Manager! Tiphiwe is the master of all volunteer coordination in the office and is often the first contact for any volunteer who books with us. From purchasing hoodies, to organising airport pick ups… and everything in between, we can all thank T for her hard work!


What is your favourite thing about your job?

I love the constant diversity I get to experience! I have the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and countries from all over the world.


When was a time you thought to yourself “wow, I love what I do!”

When I first came to AOA, I never thought I would grow and develop my skills the way it’s happening (everyday!) I never believed in myself and was always somewhat shy.

I was first hired as a receptionist and honestly this was boring and I felt I needed a challenge. Oh well! My manager came with one! I was promoted to Admin and Finance Coordinator and this was great news! Because of my hard work, I was able to also start doing the company’s income & expenditures account. Over the years, more and more responsibility has been added, and each time I feel like I am not only excelling but growing.

I love my job because it has made me gain confidence, and grow beyond my wildest thoughts! I love the constant challenge!


Where is your favourite local hang out?

I love going to Spur, a local family restaurant. This is a great place to spend time with my family- as they are always my first priority.


When you’re not changing the world, what do you do for fun?

I love playing with my children. They always make me smile.


When you wake up in the morning what do you look forward to most?

My mornings are busy, getting my family and kids ready for school and work. But on the ride to the office, I go over my to-do list – I love the idea of a productive day!


If you had a super power what would it be?

Because i’m currently building a house in Swaziland, I would love to be able to wave a magic wand and have my dream home appear before my eyes!

I would also love to have the ability to own my own small business. This may not need a super power, but it is something I hope for in my future.


If you were a volunteer with AOA, what program or tour would you sign up for? (and why?)

I would sign up for Kruger to Coast! I would choose this one because it’s a combination of volunteering and tours. It’s my biggest dream to go to Kruger to see the Big 5 live!

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