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Why volunteering?

Everybody’s life changes a little bit after volunteering but in vastly different ways. Some starts to appreciate life, some break old habits, discover themselves or their interest. There are so many reasons why people volunteer. We asked our previous volunteer why volunteering is important.   The experience as a volunteer had a great impact on […]

Assessing our progress (NCP end of year)

It’s the end of another amazing year at all Out Africa. This is my favorite time of the year for many reasons, graduations, Christmas parties, summer fun! But most of all this is the time of the year when we complete our year end assessments at our Neighbourhood Care Points (NCPs) so we can see […]


I still vividly remember the 7th September 2018 like it was yesterday. This is the day that will forever stay in my heart as it was the day I went on a safari for the first time in my life.  I received the news a week before my trip and my heart skipped a beat […]

What program would you sign up for?

“When you travel far enough, you’ll meet yourself”  these words were once said by The famous comedian David Mitchell. We asked the All Out Africa Team, what program would they sign up for? And the answers were diverse and inspiring. Take a look. -Tristan Diedrich, Cape Town Volunteer Coordinator “I would definitely sign up with Hout […]

Meet The Volunteers- Sophie Andrews

Where are you from? Hi there, my name is Sophie and I’m from Australia. What project did you sign up for? I signed up for the Kruger to Coast expedition. While in Swaziland I helped out in the sports development program, which involved going to a different NCP each day and playing with the kids, […]

Pick up, clean-Up after yourself

“Pick up, clean-Up after yourself”. I am 100% sure that every child went through this, when growing up. Parents made sure that this was drilled into one’s mind on a daily basis. It appears that even our environment has reached a level that is impacting our current and next generation. When the first climate change […]

Meet The Volunteers- Ward Quik

Where are you from? Hi, my name is Ward, I am 16 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. What project did you sign up for? I signed up for Kruger to Coast (4 weeks) trip. Whereas in Eswatini I signed up for the sports development program.  At the beginning of the day we participated […]