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A Bookings & Sales Manager position is available with All Out Africa as a 2-year contract starting as soon as possible.


The pay will be performance-based with a basic salary of R10,000 per month and an incentive pay arrangement based largely on the number of bookings and sales. This will provide the opportunity to earn an additional R1,000 to R15,000 per month depending on success.


ALL OUT AFRICA operates across southern Africa with offices in Swaziland, South Africa and Mozambique. All Out Africa offers a range of travel experiences aimed largely at the youth market, but with some business in other markets. Many of the travel experiences are service orientated (e.g. volunteering) or educational (e.g. school group tours) but also include more typical tours (e.g. Kruger safaris, beach tours, hiking tours). There are two main divisions to the travel business, one which focuses on volunteer & student travel experiences and one which focuses on tours and events. The organization also has a non-profit Foundation, which implements wildlife and social projects with donor funding support.

The main website is which currently attracts an average of about 1,200 unique visitors a month with about 50 booking enquiries of which less than 10% convert to bookings. There are also approximately 20 agents abroad (mostly volunteer travel marketing organizations in Europe & North America) which market ALL OUT AFRICA experiences and send the majority of bookings. We also have a number of direct relationships with overseas Universities that send a number of groups. There is potential for these bookings to grow significantly.


This position will focus on managing and growing the bookings and sales for the volunteer and student travel experiences. The main customers include gap year students, high school groups, university groups, career-break volunteers, and mature/retiree volunteers. The position will involve responding to enquiries, converting bookings, developing and managing a booking system, managing listings on booking sites, sourcing leads, finding new agents and developing strategies for growing the bookings and sales for volunteer and student travel experiences.

Desired criteria:

  • A relevant tertiary qualification;
  • Experience and demonstrated success in international tourism sales, preferably with a volunteer travel organization;
  • Experience with relevant online booking systems;
  • Strong interpersonal skills with a passion for travel in Africa;
  • A thorough, quick and efficient communicator;
  • Experience with online social networking for promoting sales;
  • Experience with online advertising (including Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, etc.) would be an advantage;
  • Skill and experience in website development and graphic design would be an advantage;

Please send a motivation letter and resume/CV with the email addresses and phone numbers for 3 professional references as an application to by 12th June 2022.

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