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Jobs @ All Out


We seek an Operations Director for our Volunteer Travel Business and Non-profit Foundation as a 2 YEAR contract starting in September 2017. The position is based in Swaziland. The remuneration package includes a gross salary of + R20,000 per month, plus an incentive pay arrangement with the opportunity to earn an additional + R15,000 per month. The position will require travel to Cape Town, Mozambique and Botswana. As Operations Director you will report to the Founder and Managing Director of All Out Africa.

ALL OUT AFRICA (founded in 2004) operates in Swaziland, South Africa, Mozambique and Botswana and has four divisions: a volunteer travel business, a non-profit foundation, a tours business and a lodge business. This position involves managing the operations of the Volunteer Travel Business and Non-profit Foundation. The volunteer travel business is the oldest and biggest of these divisions in terms of revenue and runs a range of short-term volunteering and educational experiences to school leavers, university students, career breakers, business professionals and retirees both as a means of implementing worthwhile projects and providing participants a rewarding travel experience. Although it is a business, maintaining a keen focus on doing social and environmental good is central to it’s DNA. The Non-profit Foundation is the next oldest division but smallest in terms of revenue and runs a range of humanitarian and conservation projects aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable children and meeting ecological research needs for conservation. The Volunteer Travel business has a full-time staff of about 10 people. The Non-profit Foundation has a full-time staff of 7 people and approximately 15 community volunteers. The staff includes a varied team of mostly local staff with the occasional international staff member. At any one point in time, the program may have from 8 to 60 participants/volunteers of ages usually between 18 and 23 but occasionally up to 77. The position of OPERATIONS DIRECTOR involves managing the business and charity operations including staff, finances, customer care, partner liaison, product development, marketing, sales, problem solving, budgeting & forecasting and strategic planning to ensure a successful business and charity that continue to improve and grow. There will need to be a keen focus on achieving the dual goals of satisfied customers/donors and successful project outputs whilst promoting profitability and sustainability.

Your tasks shall include:

Goal: Clear vision & strategy

  • Work with the Founder, Co-owner & other directors to help develop a vision for the organisation
  • Define goals & targets for the volunteer business & foundation
  • Develop a strategy for the volunteer business & foundation
  • Help to ensure an organisational culture of trust, caring, dedication & success.

Goal: Motivated & productive staff

  • Oversee & manage Volunteer Travel Business & Foundation staff
  • Encourage & facilitate good communication & teamwork among staff
  • Assess & improve staff performance
  • Conduct biennial performance reviews
  • Motivate & support staff
  • Advertise staff vacancies, develop job descriptions, recruit staff & develop contracts
  • Prepare staff payslips & pay staff
  • Manage staff leave & temporary replacement arrangements
  • Carry out disciplinary procedures for staff & volunteers where necessary

Goal: Happy Customers

  • Regularly assess & improve the customer experience
  • Oversee pre-arrival communication
  • Oversee customer arrivals & transfers
  • Oversee & improve customer orientations
  • Oversee food, accommodation & transport arrangements for volunteers
  • Visit project sites & engage regularly with customers
  • Oversee customer departures & debriefing
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction through feedback questionnaires & improve as necessary

Goal: Happy Donors

  • Oversee the preparation & submission of donor reports
  • Liaise with donors to maintain & improve relationships

Goal: Successful projects

  • Help develop & clarify project objectives & strategies
  • Liaise regularly with project managers & co-ordinators and project partners to assess project outcomes and identify ways to improve output and impact
  • Oversee project activities, equipment & materials
  • Oversee systems of project operations
  • Visit projects regularly to assess operational needs
  • Liaise regularly with project partners to assess project outcomes Remove this as duplicates point 2
  • Evaluate & improve project outputs (remove)
  • Oversee identification of new needs & development of new projects
  • Oversee development of project reports and quarterly impact assessment

Goal: Happy partners & Suppliers

  • Liaise with project partners & suppliers to maintain & improve collaborative partnerships
  • Develop & maintain MOUs
  • Arrange biennial progress meetings with key project partners/suppliers
  • Oversee preparation & circulation of newsletters & quarterly reports
  • Identify & develop new priority collaborative partnerships
  • Maintain an excellent external image for the organisation

Goal: Financial success

  • Develop an annual & monthly budget and manage it’s use
  • Develop an annual & monthly forecast of anticipated income
  • Develop systems to improve profitability
  • Oversee the preparation & delivery of accurate & timely invoices & ensure payment
  • Oversee the maintenance of accurate & timely income & expenditure records
  • Oversee equipment use & maintenance & an up to date asset register
  • Oversee processing of payments & authorise them
  • Oversee petty cash reconciliations and disbursements
  • Oversee preparation & submission of PAYE & SNPF records & payments
  • Develop annual pricing of products based on costs & market competition
  • Develop custom quotes for groups & oversee custom quotes for individuals

Goal: Successful sales & marketing

  • Oversee the development & maintenance of product descriptions & project info
  • Liaise regularly with the Marketing & Sales Manager to evaluate success with generating direct leads & converting to bookings & with contracting new agents
  • Identify, proposition & contract with new agents
  • Liaise with agents to maintain & improve partnerships
  • Oversee the website maintenance & development ensuring excellent appeal to prospective customers
  • Oversee & improve the booking process to maximise the ease of booking
  • Oversee the management of a booking system with accurate customer & booking records
  • Evaluate the success of online advertising campaigns & improve efficiency & success
  • Oversee social media campaigns & improve efficiency & success
  • Oversee development of print brochures, advertising & other marketing materials
  • Oversee brand awareness & development

Goal: Successful resource mobilisation

  • Identify & proposition new donors
  • Oversee preparation of funding proposals

Goal: Efficient head office

  • Facilitate good communication & co-operation between staff members of the volunteer business, foundation, tours business & lodges to improve unity & team work.
  • Manage head office staff including cleaner & IT consultant
  • Perform any other administrative duties to ensure the smooth functioning of the office

Desired criteria:

  • A degree in development studies/ecology/business management or another relevant field
  • At least 10yrs professional and highly relevant work experience
  • A visionary leader with at least 2yrs experience in strategic planning
  • At least 3yrs experience and prior success with small/medium business management
  • Exemplary track record of integrity
  • At least 3yrs experience with human resource management of diverse staff
  • At least 5yrs professional experience in tourism (preferably activity based)
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills, highly efficient and a capacity for long work hours
  • A passion for social development and wildlife conservation with experience of such in Africa
  • Skill & at least 2yrs experience in marketing & advertising
  • Excellent in the use of information technology (MS word, excel, outlook & powerpoint, email & internet, online social networking etc)
  • A valid manual driving license of at least 3 yrs with experience of driving on rough roads
  • A friendly & compassionate nature, skill in conflict resolution & calm under pressure

Other beneficial criteria:

  • Experience with short-term international volunteer travel
  • Experience with teaching/social work/child care
  • Experience with ecological research
  • Qualification to scuba dive

Please send a motivation letter and resume/CV as an application with 3 professional references to jobs@alloutafrica.com clearly stating ‘Operations Director’ in the address by 23rd August 2017.


A Receptionist position is available with ALL OUT AFRICA as a 1 year contract to start in September 2017. Salary is R2,500 per month. The position involves greeting guests, answering calls, managing petty cash, general administration duties and purchasing office supplies (details described below)


• GCSC high school certificates
• Experience and demonstrated success in customer service and administration
• Excellent organisational and communication skills 
• Excellent computer and e-mail skills (word, excel) 

To apply send a CV and motivation letter, to info@alloutafrica.com by 18th August 2017.

Duties of the Receptionist Role:

Goal: Efficient administration and management of the office

• Greet and assist callers/visitors and deal with or direct their enquiries appropriately
• Purchase supplies for the Swaziland office and ensure staff have the stationary and supplies required
• General administration duties such as photocopying, typing and scanning for the office
• Collect and distribute post 
• Running errands for team members, such as picking up items or submitting paperwork 
• Reporting faults with internet or facilities and taking action to report and fix issues (or referring to Directors where appropriate)
• Perform any other administrative duties as requested 

Goal: Efficient bookings and administration operations for the projects team

• Purchase supplies for other projects destinations, such as Mozambique and Albatroz
• Make bookings with Skyworld or other transport providers for volunteer journeys to/from OR Tambo 
• Assist the Bookings and Finance Manager with volunteer accommodation and tour bookings 
• Take payments/donations from clients via the credit card machine, and forward documentation to Bookings and Finance Manager for processing
• Printing of volunteer documents, such as arrivals handbook, evaluation forms and schedules 
• Typing up all vehicles (both Projects and Foundation) mileage spreadsheet and sending to the Bookings and Finance Manager
• Helping volunteer coordinators with any appropriate volunteer duties, such as taking an ill volunteer to the doctor 
• Entering evaluation responses for volunteers onto the spreadsheet 
• Write the arrivals for the month on the whiteboard and keep updated 

Goal: Accurate Financial Management 

• File invoices and reconciliations 
• Manage Operations Petty Cash and the monthly reconciliation with the Bookings and Finance Manager

Intern, Savannah Research Centre

All Out Africa Foundation seeks an Intern  to be based at our Savannah Research Centre in Mbuluzi Game Reserve.  Under the supervision of the SRC Coordinator, the incumbent will provide administrative support for the SRC.


  • A BSc degree in ecology/zoology/botany or related fields
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Valid Driver’s License


 Job Description

Goal:  Successful Field Research projects

  • Assist various groups of graduate students with their research projects
  • Help independent researchers and students gather field data
  • Help show independent researchers, volunteers and other students around the Research camp and Mbuluzi Game Reserve and the broader region
  • Assist students at the Research center where possible
  • Source field assistants when necessary


Goal:  Successful Savannah Research Center

  • Be responsible for managing the vehicle logbooks for the SRC vehicles and ensure all entries are made correctly and accurately.
  • Assist the SRC Coordinator with any other daily duties and tasks associated with managing and maintaining the Savannah Research Center.

Position comes with food & accommodation at the SRC plus a stipend of E1,000 per month. Both local and international applicants may apply .

To apply please send a CV and letter of motivation to jobs@alloutafrica.com closing date is 30th November 2016.

If you are not interested in this vacancy please send us an inquiry about your field of interest at All Out Africa, and we will get back to you with information on upcoming positions, if any.

Alternatively go to our Internship Page to find out more about our internship programs and fees.

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