Give back to others, see spectacular sights and cultures and have fun on a life changing experience.




6-12 Weeks
Starting at $3,130
Albatroz Lodge
3 meals per day

Flights are not included in the cost.

Volunteer in Mozambique on the Marine Conservation and Child Care combo and help with hands-on whale shark research, coral reef monitoring, seasonal humpback whale monitoring and turtle surveys, as well as, exploring one of Africa’s best scuba diving destinations. In addition you will have the opportunity to help care for and educate orphaned and vulnerable children in Mozambique.

The Marine Conservation side to this combo involves gathering field data on whale sharks, coral reefs and other marine biodiversity to make recommendations for improving the conservation of marine life as well as creating general awareness about the marine environment. The project is run by All Out Africa and involves collaboration with  Peri Peri Divers and Zavora Marine lab , both based in Mozambique as well as the Ecocean Global Whale Shark database and a number of international marine research bodies.

Whale sharks are the oceans biggest fish and although they are sharks, are harmless to people since they feed on plankton. Whale sharks are a threatened species and are relatively easy to monitor owing to their size (up to 20m long) and swimming next to them is an awe inspiring experience! They are also good indicators of ocean productivity and can play a flagship role for the conservation of other marine creatures. Very little is known about the population dynamics and threats to whale sharks and with the increase of boat and fishing activities their feeding and migratory activities may become influenced and they are vulnerable to death or injury through boat strikes.

The coral reefs that so much marine life is dependent on are under threat of exploitation, bleaching, alien invasive species and other ecological changes associated with tourism and other human activities. One of the components of the project is to monitor the condition of coral reefs in the Tofo area using methods based on the international reef check program collecting data which contribute to Indian Ocean-wide monitoring and assessment programs. This involves scuba diving along the reefs and recording coral cover, indicator species of fish and photo IDs in one of Africa’s best diving destinations.

As this is a combination package you will also get the opportunity to work with the children of Mozambique.

Volunteer to help care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Mozambique. Emerging from being one of the world’s poorest countries after decades of civil war, Mozambique’s children face many challenges, including lack of proper care and limited educational opportunities.  Those that have lost their parents also struggle for adequate food and shelter, and crave the love and attention that a healthy child needs.  With high unemployment and limited state welfare, many of these children’s needs cannot be met without external support, therefore volunteer involvement is crucial.

Volunteer on this project and you will be able to assist these vulnerable children.  You will have the opportunity to work at a local orphanage, crèche and primary school in Inhambane and Tofo, where you may help with basic care and education, organizing games and activities, arranging food, assessing needs, developing life skills and more.  Depending on the project needs at the time and your skills and interests, you may work at either one of these placements or a combination of a few.


You will be staying at Albatroz Lodge for the duration of your experience, which is situated next to the office and dive centre, and a few steps up from stunning Tofo Beach! Here you will also receive 3 meals a day. For more information about the lodge and meals please see the Albatroz Lodge Accommodation brief.

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