A group photo of the youth entrepreneursSimise

Enterprise training for Ezulwini youth

From my short time in Eswatini, I think it is fair to say that…
Conservation project placement at Royal JoziniKim

All Out Africa goes to Royal Jozini

The beautiful kingdom of Eswatini has some exciting news for…
NCP Children in classMatilda

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc with our Social Projects Eswatini

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc with our Social Projects…

Meet the volunteers-Juliette Hulshof

Where are you from? Hi! I am Juliette Hulshof, from the Netherlands. What…

Why volunteering?

Everybody's life changes a little bit after volunteering but…


I still vividly remember the 7th September 2018 like it was yesterday.…

Pick up, clean-Up after yourself

“Pick up, clean-Up after yourself”. I am 100% sure that every…

Meet The Volunteers- Ward Quik

Where are you from? Hi, my name is Ward, I am 16 years old…

Meet The Staff – Tristan Diedrick

At All Out Africa, there are many things that set us apart. One…

Meet The Volunteers- Oulund Todsen Family

Where are you from? Denmark What project did you sign up…