Here’s to another stunning sunsetRoland

Mozambique beach tours from Eswatini (Swaziland)

Mozambique beach tours from Eswatini (Swaziland) have been a…
A photo showing a JorunnaJen

A devastating time for our decade-long database.

At the All Out Africa Marine Research Centre we have, like everyone…
All Out Africa TeamRobs Roques

COVID-19 and Tourism in Southern Africa 

COVID-19 and tourism in southern Africa are intricately linked.…

Why should I go hiking with my family?

We know that many people have never considered hiking and camping…

Dear All Out Africa

Over 200 children have benefitted from our Homework Club. Since…

An incredible experience that was

WOW. What an incredible experience that was. I’ve been wanting…

Why volunteering?

Everybody's life changes a little bit after volunteering but…

What program would you sign up for?

"When you travel far enough, you’ll meet yourself"  these…

Meet The Volunteers- Ward Quik

Where are you from? Hi, my name is Ward, I am 16 years old…

Meet The Volunteers- Ingrid Van Thiel

Where are you from? I live in Holland but I am British. What…