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A day in the life of World Challenge 2018 – Tofo, Mozambique:
Science on land – Beach plastic analysis (and clean up)

There are very few places in the world that plastic does not affect negatively. Along the shores of Tofo and Tofino (a nearby beach) students go out and collect plastics off the beach in sectioned areas and analyze it. As well as clean up the beach that is not being sampled. Each sample area of the beach chosen and the time of day can show which tides and currents bring in the most plastics, what array of types of plastics (or non-organic material) is wasting up and potentially more.

Students this past 2018 also collected small plastics and made eco bricks with them. By stuffing tightly as many tiny plastic bits (found during the plastics data gathering/ beach clean up) as possible into 1L plastic water bottles. These filled bottles are eco bricks and together with cement can be used to make walls for a local stainable straw making factory. Or at least that’s the idea. 🙂

In the photos, you can see students in their sample sights looking for plastics.

Written by Kimberly Wood

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