Goodfella’s Doing Good.

Our mission at All Out Africa is to alleviate poverty through providing early childhood education to vulnerable and orphaned children in the Kingdom of Eswatini. This is a big task, and there are many factors that contribute to our challenges and successes. One such challenge is the availability of food and general nutrition that our children have access to. Students that arrive at school hungry are proven to not perform well. They have more difficulty concentrating, display behavioural problems are less alert and are often lethargic. Most sadly is that hungry kids lack the natural enthusiasm and curiosity that is part of the magic of childhood. This month we have had a HUGE success in this challenge, with the help of a very generous group of partners.

Over the past weekend, we were gifted with approximately 1700 kgs of rice from the GoodFellas Bikers Club. The bikers club is a brotherhood of motorcycle riders, who have a mission in helping and organizing charity events which in turn support local communities around the Kingdom. The donation process was a complete and total success. Michael (Building Coordinator), Tjengisa (Social Projects Manager) and I managed to deliver 24 bags of 10 kg rice to each NCP. With the $1093 (USD) worth of food security that we secured through this donation, we are now planning to add other nutritional value in some form of a balanced meal like fruits and vegetables.

This donation, will last for a period of 3 months or more, we will like to formally thank Goodfellas Bikers Club for their generous donation and for making a huge difference in the lives of over 300 children that attend our NCPs. This is a positive stride in alleviating poverty and providing care to those most vulnerable.  

Written by Simise Masilela

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